Training to update Informational and Intranet Web Sites

Staff members can be trained in the use of various authoring tools in order to update constant streams of information.  Administration of your site is easily accomplished by assigning specific departments or staff members the task of updating content using Information Mapping Methodologies.

  • Chunking information by page and paragraph 

  • Highlighting key words and phrases 

  • Developing home page content 

  • Writing a plan for additional content

We train your staff to use authoring tools (Robohelp, Notepad, ForeHelp, Dreamweaver, etc.) to keep information fresh in a dynamically changing environment.  We also offer Webmaster Maintenance Service for organizations choosing to service out the web process.


Training is offered onsite, at a designated conference center near your facility, or online. Price is based on individual or group rates. Call our office today to discuss how we can start your training sessions.

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